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American Gas Compression Services Inc.
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Rocky Mountain Region Since 1984.
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American Gas Compression Services Inc. (AGCSI) sells, leases, repairs and remanufactures compressed natural gas equipment.

AGCSI is a growing company with highly qualified personnel specialized in personalized service for natural gas producers in Colorado, southern Wyoming, southwest Nebraska, western Kansas and eastern Utah.

We have the expertise to identify the equipment you need. We don't try to be all things to all people; we just do the best possible job for our customers in gas compression.

American Gas Compression Specialists Inc. - E-Pak (TM)Our compressor packages, including the E-Pak™ (shown to the right), are used in gathering and wellhead applications, such as plunger lift and intermitter productions.

The compressor packages are quality built with ease of installation and serviceability engineered into each unit.

We know that the secret to profitable compression is placing the right equipment on site at the right time. During the life of a well, the most profitable solution will change. Let us help you identify your requirements.

If your requirement is not in our area of expertise, we will help you find a reputable supplier to fill your needs.

Contact us for:

  • Compressor sales, rentals and purchasing, including remanufacturing of compressors

  • Compressor maintenance and overhauls

  • Compressor selection and consulting

  • Performance evaluation of existing equipment

Call AGCSI at (303) 659-8203 or e-mail AGCSI

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American Gas Compression Services, Inc. (AGCSI)  rents, sells and services gas compression equipment,
including remanufactured and new equipment, and provides gas compression services.
AGCSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Atlas Resource Corporation.