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Compressor Specifications
Specification Feature Benefit
Corken, vertical single and two stage
Corken commitment to quality Quality and reliability
Completely enclosed. An automatic breather valve prevents entrance of dust or foreign matter. Special rod packing prevents oil and gas from entering the crankcase during the compression process.
Crankcase oil remains clean, eliminating the major source of crankcase wear Extended compressor life
Counter balanced for smooth operation and rifle drilled for positive pressure oil distribution to connecting rods and wrist pin bearings. Main bearings are Timken tapered roller bearings designed to absorb both radial and thrust loads.
Pressure lubricated and oversized bearings Extended compressor life
Crosshead Piston Rod
Assembled and machined as a single piece to assure perfect alignment, crossheads are aluminum and piston rods hardchrome plated.
Chrome plated rods ensure minimum wear Extended compressor life
Piston Rod Packing
Glass filled Teflon rings are spring loaded to compensate for lateral rod movement and rod wear to ensure a good seal.
Oil contamination from compressed natural gas is eliminated Extended compressor life

Specification Feature Benefit
Ford Industrial Engine
Ford Power Products Division leaders in the industry Quality and reliability of product
Engine Data
Four cycle, four cylinder bore and stroke 2.911 x 2.972 displacement 79CID
Engine Rating
Speed range 1400 to 2800 rpm
Horsepower range 12 to 27 hp
Design speed 1500 to 2200 rpm
Design HP 10 to 15 hp
Conservative low end of horsepower and speed range Extended engine life
Engine Ignition
Ford's DIS (Distributorless Ignition System) capacitor discharge, self compensating timing for load and operating temperature
Capacitor discharge system with no moving parts Minimal maintenance, increased run times

Specification Feature Benefit
Suction Pressure Controls
The compressor comes with both inlet and bypass suction controls as standard
Wider operating range without constant attention to operating conditions Increased run times
Each unit comes complete with a building constructed with removable panels designed to protect the unit from weather
Protects the compressor package from the effects of weather Increased run times
Two runner skid with beam cross members, concrete filled
Eliminates vibration related problems Increased run times


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American Gas Compression Services, Inc. (AGCSI)  rents, sells and services gas compression equipment,
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