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E-Pak Compressor Packages

The E-Pak is designed for low volume applications in the Rocky Mountain Region. Great care has been taken to provide packages with trouble free performance, a wide operating range for changing well-head conditions and extended product life.

The E-Pak can handle wells with plunger lifts, intermitters and pumping units. The unit includes pressure control schemes that take advantage of the production surges without using excessive horsepower.

Each E-Pak is designed for ease of installation and portability. Click on the following chart or follow this link to review the specifications of the E-Pak.

Performance Capacity vs Suction Pressure 10 and 15 HP E-Paks
AGCSI currently has 44 natural gas compressor packages, half of which are rented. Each package consists of:

  • a natural gas engine,
  • compressor,
  • cooler,
  • inlet scrubbers,
  • control panel,
  • fuel and starting gas system, and
  • the necessary piping to connect the components.

Each is mounted on an oil field skid and can be installed in minutes. Click here to view details of these units.

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