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Estimate Your Compression Requirements

Gas compression is the means of moving gases from a base pressure (the 'suction pressure') to a higher pressure (the 'discharge pressure'). To determine your compression requirements, you must consider the suction pressure and the discharge pressure as well as your desired flow of gas:

  1. Suction pressure (PSIG, or pounds square inch gauge)

  2. Discharge pressure (PSIG)

  3. Desired flow of gas (MCFD, or million cubic feet per day)

  4. Use our Quick Chart to determine your approximate horsepower and stages required to change the suction pressure to the discharge pressure per million cubic foot.

For low volume applications (i.e., 10 to 15 horsepower), review our E-Pak compressor packages. They are designed for trouble-free performance, ease of installation, and portability.

We offer custom compression solutions for larger volume applications. For a more precise calculation of your compression requirements, visit the Compression Consultation page.

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